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How do I get a Topographical Survey?

Highly detailed land and topographical surveys showing features, levels and contours

Here are the easy steps to

get a topographical survey

of your site

You can get a topographical survey to give you an accurate understanding of your site. Then you can avoid the risk of costly mistakes.

Our surveyors use laser scanners and drones to accurately measure every detail of your site in 3D. When you base your design work on our topographical surveys, you’ll always be confident that you have all the information you need for a successful project.

How do I get a topographical survey of my site?

  • Email us a site plan or Google Earth image marked up to show the full extent of the area you need us to survey.  Please include a written description of everything you require to [email protected]
  • We’ll provide you with a fixed price quotation and an estimated timescale to complete and deliver your survey.  You can also follow this link to request a quote.
  • Email us a written acceptance of our quotation. We only have a very limited number of survey dates available. To avoid disappointment, send over your acceptance within 5 days of receiving our quotation.
  • Our surveyors will come out and fully measure your site.  They will then return to our office to process the data and create your accurate survey.
  • Once the site work is complete you will be invoiced for the survey.
  • As soon as your payment has been received we will send you your digital survey.

Call us on 01905 622 495 to speak to one of our senior land surveyors now.

Bury Associates can help you with all your topographical survey needs.

We guarantee accuracy and reliability.


What our customers say

  • Thanks again for being so proactive and wonderful to deal with.



  • “Having a survey of both our main venues on Webshare has enabled visiting companies to carry out site visits (including accurate dimensioning) remotely.  At the same time, the Webshare alleviates headaches for Malvern Theatres by assisting tours who are unaware of any constraints.  A picture tells a thousand words (especially when it is mm accurate!)  Webshare saves money for the visiting tours and hassle for the venue at a reasonable cost”.

    Matt Cox – Malvern Theatres


  • We’ve recently used Bury (not my first experience of the company) for a laser survey and Revit model output; first rate communication, responses and modelling, all within my alloted timescales. Perfect service, massive thanks to Steve and his team. We’ll be back…

    Corporate Architecture


  • Thank you very much for your assistance and amazingly quick response

    Eloise Walduck – Growing Vision Gardens Ltd