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WebshareCloud – your essential site viewing tool

Steve's Surveying Snippets
20th Nov

Tips and hints for Architects & Engineers to make your work easier and help your projects run smoothly

WebshareCloud – the essential way to fully understand your project and share information with your team

For several years Google StreetView has let you explore towns and cities around the world. Our WebshareCloud service not only lets you explore your site or building from the comfort of your office chair, it lets you take measurements, make mark-ups, create drawings and share information. The latest version is now even easier to use.

Your WebshareCloud Service – what you get

This short video shows you everything you need to know to get started.

With WebshareCloud you can view 360-degree panoramas of your site or building, take accurate measurements, obtain coordinates & levels, make mark-ups, create your own plans, elevations & sections, and share information with your team. And that’s all included with your survey for 12 months at no extra charge. Join our other customers who gain a better understanding of their projects and save money by eliminating unnecessary site visits. 

Key benefits:

360-degree panoramas that give you a full understanding of your building or site

Take measurements, get vertical height differences, and grab coordinates for any point

Get heights of surrounding buildings and window openings

Quickly create your own plans, elevations & sections that can be brought straight into and CAD system

Attach mark-up notes straight onto the real-world feature you’re working on

Share information across your team on a platform that requires no understanding of drawings

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