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Drone Inspections & Surveys

CAA licensed drone operators

CAA licensed drone operators providing accurate drone Inspections and Surveys

Gaining access to rooftops and other inaccessible areas can be expensive and time consuming. Our drone team will provide safe, quick and easy inspections so you have perfect images, videos and 3D models to fully understand your project’s condition and make the right decisions.

Your drone inspection survey delivered as:

  • Reality Meshes
  • Point Clouds
  • 6K Video
  • High resolution photography
  • Revit Models
  • CAD Drawings
  • All to accurate survey coordinates

Drone Topographical Surveys

Mapping out large or inaccessible areas can take weeks using traditional survey techniques and will delay your project. Our commercial grade drone is equipped with high resolution cameras that capture your site quickly and accurately. Fast delivery of 3D contour models and imagery will get your project up and running within days.

Drone Capture

Drone Roof Inspections & Surveys

Roofs are the most important but least accessible part of most buildings. If you’re replacing, repairing or adding structures such as solar panels to a roof you will need a full understanding of your work area.  Our drone inspections and surveys will give you accuracy and confidence. 

Showing an aerial view of a factory roof captured by drone.
This scaled ortho-image of a factory roof was captured by one of our drones.

Drone Building Surveys

Many buildings have difficult to reach areas that can’t be surveyed from ground level.  These areas would normally require scaffolding or cherry-pickers to access. You can now get all the information you need thanks to Jaro, our very skilled (and CAA licensed) drone pilot and surveyor.

Survey deliverables

We supply video/ photography/ reality meshes & point cloud data from our drone inspections.  This is in addition to our highly accurate 2D AutoCAD architectural drawings, or 3D Revit Building Information Models. We can also provide many other data/ drawing formats.

Call us now on 01905 622495 and our drone team will help you with your next project.