Project - Tonedale Mill, Wellington

Drone Survey & 3D Photogrammetric Model

Tonedale Mill, 3D Photogrammetric Model

Project Overview

Tonedale Mill is a Grade II* listed former woollen mill near Wellington in Somerset, parts of which date back to the mid-18th century.  Production on the site ceased during the 1980s. The site has changed hands several times over recent years and attempts to convert some of the buildings into housing have failed and the buildings are now in a state of serious disrepair.

Historic England's Heritage at Risk funded Somerset West and Taunton Council who appointed a team consisting of Jubb Clews Chartered Surveyors for Historic Building Conservation, Mann Williams Consulting Structural Engineers, Press and Starkey Chartered Quantity Surveyors and Bury Associates. The task Bury Associates undertook was to produce 3D photogrammetric models and drone survey data, during rapid assessment for urgent works and repairs notices.  Further monitoring is in hand for enforcement action and redevelopment on this important Grade II* industrial complex.


To ensure accuracy and capture every minute detail, Bury Associates employed advanced technology, using and drones photogrammetry, terrestrial photogrammetry and GPS survey control. This approach resulted in comprehensive data, facilitating the creation of a highly detailed Context Capture 3D Photogrammetric Model.

Client Feedback
The project required extremely quick data collection on site, both for the condition and metric surveys. The site was dangerous and the data collection technique of using drones and ContextCapture proposed by Bury Associates was deemed safer and quicker than using traditional methods. It produced accurate 3D models that allowed some of the condition appraisals to be carried out safely off site and provided accurate metric data for the cost study. The site was physically challenging. The Bury Associates team showed exemplary attention to detail and colleague care to ensure that safe working procedures were applied, and quickly processed the 3D model that has proved so useful”

Tonedale Mill Context Capture Model

Project Deliverables


  • ContextCapture 3D Photogrammetric Model - delivere as a web based model viewable through any standard browser
  • Ortho Images of the building facaeds and roofs for the marking up of defects.