Prices depend on the project location and how much work is involved on site and in the office to produce the survey deliverables. Prices can start below £1000 + VAT for a smaller project. Our pricing guide will give you a good understanding of what you can expect to pay and how our prices are calculated.

Most of our quotations are turned around in 1-2 days, although larger or more complicated projects can take longer. For smaller projects we can usually provide a same-day quotation if necessary.

Unfortunately not. We only carry out measured surveys of land and buildings to provide you with computerised drawings or 3D models of the existing layout. You will need to search for other types of surveying professionals who supply those services.

We can measure the position of a boundary then overlay that onto the Land Registry drawing to check that the features on the ground, such as fences, hedges and walls, match the legally defined boundary. We can also mark out on the ground the legally defined Land Registry boundary where there no existing fences etc. We do not act as expert witnesses and we do no get involved in legal disputes. We will provide drawings or on-site marking out but any other issues will need to be settled by your legal representatives.

We carry out surveys all over the UK. Our Midlands office gives us access to the UK’s motorway network and our London team can be quickly deployed to anywhere within the M25 and the rest of the Southeast.

Yes, we will also carry out your overseas projects. We have completed projects in several European countries and in the US.

Our prices are calculated based on the time it takes to produce a high-quality survey that will ensure your project’s success and to allow us to make a reasonable profit. We never cut corners to reduce costs, and we must make a profit on all projects so we can continue to service our loyal customers. If you decide to reduce the amount of work required then we can adjust the price accordingly but we do not ever lower our prices for any other reason.

The site work for most smaller projects will be completed in a day. Larger projects can take several days, or sometimes weeks to complete. Once the site has been surveyed, the data we’ve captured will need processing so the model or drawings can be produced. As a rough guide, it usually takes approximately 2-3 days to produce the final deliverables for every day spent surveying a site.

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