Reality Capture & Digital Twins

Accurate Photo-Realistic 3D model showing every detail for Heritage and Conservation Projects

What is a Reality Capture & Digital Twins

When you’re working on any conservation project, it can be difficult to gain a proper understanding of the structure. A few photographs and some old drawings never tell you the full story.

Our reality capture team will visit your project, use laser scanners and drones to capture it fully in 3D then produce a photo-realistic 3D model for you that shows every minute detail to millimetre accuracy. Even with no previous 3D experience you can easily measure and view your model to fully understand the structure to help make those important decisions.

The Reality Capture technology is now easy to use, affordable and more valuable than an expensive site visit. This will help you to save time and money on all your projects.

What are the Advantages?

Your project will benefit from a Laser Scanned and Drone photography Reality Capture Mesh.

  • Save time and money with reduced site visits
  • View previously inaccessible detail - even on rooftops
  • Accurately measure masonry sizes and other features at any part of the building
  • It is the safest form of inspection, with not need for ladders, scaffolding or access platforms


Scanning Historic Building

Heritage & Conservation Surveys

Employing an array of methods, we meticulously survey your listed or historic building to ensure every minute detail of your project is captured.

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Drone Survey

Drone Inspections & Surveys

Aerial inspections and surveys for larger or hard to reach areas. Our CAA approved drone operators can offer a swift and precise solution for gathering crucial information

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Tonedale Mill, 3D Photogrammetric Model

Project: Tonedale Mill, Wellington

Bury Associates were tasked with conducting a detailed measured building survey and topographical survey of the site.

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