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Guide To CAD Measured Building Survey Drawings

A Quick Guide To CAD Measured Building Survey Drawings

By Steve Bury | Nov 29, 2023

The example drawings we’ll be looking at are from our survey of this Victorian church in Birmingham. Introduction Measured Building Surveys are often delivered as a set of 2D CAD drawings that show different elements and views of a building. When commissioning a Measured Building Survey it’s important to know which drawings you need. In…

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Tracing underground utilities with Radio Detection equipment

Combining Ground Penetrating Radar and Radio Detection for Comprehensive Underground Utility Surveys

By Steve Bury | Nov 14, 2023

Introduction In the complex world of underground utility surveys, no single technology suffices to fully map everything going on below the surface. Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and Radio Detection, while powerful in their own right, often reveal their full potential when used in conjunction. This post explores how these technologies complement each other, ensuring a…

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Topographical Survey of a Churchyard

The Complete Guide to Topographic Surveys

By Steve Bury | Oct 28, 2023

Introduction Navigating the intricacies of land development or property management? A topographic survey is a vital starting point. At Bury Associates, we employ cutting-edge technologies, including Trimble S6 Total Stations, Trimble X7 Laser Scanners, and Trimble R12i GNSS units, to offer you the most accurate and reliable topographic surveys. What Are Topographic Surveys? Also known…

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Detailed CAD Drawing

Everything You Need To Know About CAD Measured Surveys

By Steve Bury | Oct 28, 2023

The Importance of CAD in Measured Surveys: A Guide by Bury Associates Measured surveys are indispensable tools for capturing the details of a site or a building’s dimensions and intricate details, from architectural elements to structural nuances. Given the requirement for utmost precision in surveying Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software is used to create 2D and…

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Revit and BIM – what are they? A simple Explanation

By Steve Bury | Oct 18, 2023

A laser scan to Revit Building Information model of the Bromley Civic Centre carried out by Bury Associates. Ever been intrigued by how architectural dreams turn into real buildings? Welcome to the world of Revit, Autodesk industry-leading product for design and construction. This blog post is for anyone who wants a jargon-free understanding of what…

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Total station and laser scanner being used on a property development project

20 Essential Services for a Successful Property Development Project in the UK

By Steve Bury | Oct 6, 2023

An Introduction To The Professional Services You’ll Need To Ensure Your Property Development Project Is Successful So, you’re diving into property development, perhaps even aiming to become a notable property developer in London or somewhere else around the UK. The journey from acquiring building plots for sale to seeing a fully constructed building is complex…

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How to scan a building elevation with your phone

How To Scan A Building Elevation With Your SmartPhone

By Steve Bury | Sep 25, 2023

Introduction to Scanning With A Smart Phone Working in the realms of architecture, heritage, and construction often requires detailed 2D CAD drawings. Though there are several mobile apps for 3D modelling, turning these 3D models into precise 2D CAD drawings can be a challenge. This blog post aims to simplify that process for you. The…

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Matterport Tours for Heritage BIM surveys

By Steve Bury | Jul 9, 2023

Better BIM for Heritage Without a full understanding of the structure, materials and your building’s condition your heritage restoration projects become much more difficult. We visit your building and use laser scanners and drones to capture everything in 3D then our in-house team provides you with a Revit or IFC model containing every visible element…

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Scan to BIM

By Steve Bury | Jun 13, 2023

As the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry advances, it continues to adopt innovative technologies that streamline operations, enhance accuracy, and reduce the risks associated with project delivery. One such technology is Scan to BIM – a methodology that’s rapidly becoming an industry-standard. But what is Scan to BIM? How does it work, and how…

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