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Measured Building Surveys

Former Edinburgh Royal Infirmary - laser scanned and modelled in Revit
The former Edinburgh Royal Infirmary – laser scanned and modelled in Revit
by Bury Associates’ in-house team

3D Laser Scan to Revit Building Information Models or CAD drawings

When working with existing buildings, your new designs will only succeed if they’re based on accurate information. We have been providing surveys as Revit models and CAD drawings for many of the UK’s leading architects since 2007. We will laser scan your building and capture everything in 3D. Our expert in-house team will then create your accurate model or provide CAD drawings so you can design with confidence.

Former Edinburgh Royal Infirmary Revit model
Highly detailed architectural detail poses no problems for our in-house team

Laser scanning by experienced surveyors

Our skilled survey team collect laser scanned point clouds which we then use to create our as-built Revit models and CAD drawings. Following strict quality assurance procedures, we link your scan data to precise survey control. You won’t need to worry about the accuracy problems you might face if you used an inexperienced provider.

Quick, accurate modelling by our skilled teamAs-Built BIM for your project

Our highly experienced in-house team do all the modelling of our laser scanned point cloud to Revit projects. We know what we’re doing and how to deliver large and extremely complex projects.

You’ll be able to work closely with our BIM team, right through the project. You can rest assured that you’ll get the exact help you need from us.

Your project may be a complicated family creation, a highly detailed architectural model or MEP and structural steel modelling. Our team will always deliver, whatever your needs are.

Revit MEP from point cloud
Revit MEP from a point cloud

Quality is our priority

You deserve only the highest quality. This is our firm belief so everything we do for you is thoroughly quality managed by our in-house team.

Easy to work with

Our clients have benefited for the last 15 years from our provision of accurate Revit models of their surveys. During this time, specification documents and guides have been developed. These will help you to understand what is included in a standard 3D Revit model and what processes are followed. If you don’t have your own specifications, you can get all the advice and guidance you may need from us.

15 years of producing Revit measured surveys for the UK’s leading architects

Bury Associates are very proud of our long track record. Throughout the UK we have worked on a large number of high profile, 3D BIM modelling projects. Here are some of these projects:

  • Manchester Central Library. We surveyed and modelled this for a major refurbishment programme. It was named as the ‘most BIM friendly project of 2011’ by Building Magazine
  • Blackpool Tower. This World famous tower was surveyed, then Revit models were produced of the tower top and the upper floors of the building
  • London’s County Hall building
  • The Heartspace Project at University of Sheffield
  • The former Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
  • Durham University – student union
  • Retail parks
  • Schools & colleges
  • Museums
  • Commercial office space
  • Residential properties

Topographical BIM

Many sites require a detailed land survey to show features and levels. They often need additional surrounding building elevations and other height information. We provide many of our Architect and Consulting Engineer clients with the topographical surface modelled in Revit. Features such as walls, trees, lamp posts and other 3D topographical items can be shown in the model. The facades of surrounding buildings can also be included. We can show windows and doors opening onto a site. This is helpful for planning applications and rights of light requirements.

What drawings can I have?

  • Floor plans showing walls, doors, windows, stairs, ceiling detail, sanitary fittings, services, levels & heights.
  • External elevations showing every detail of each facade.
  • Sections showing the relationship between each floor
  • Internal elevations showing openings, architraves, built-in fixtures, sockets, switches & light fittings.