What are the advantages of having a Drone Surveys?

We're often asked about the advantages of using our drones on new construction or inspection projects, so here are 7 great advantages that will help you

The Advantages of a Drone Survey

  1. You get a 3D model of your site that shows every detail, and you can measure distances, coordinates, areas and volumes using a free viewer.
  2. You can easily obtain levels and details of buildings in areas surrounding your site - without any access problems.
  3. You can have an accurate survey of inaccessible rooftops - take measurements and fully assess the condition safely and without needing to hire expensive access equipment.
  4. Large areas are mapped out for you in hours instead of weeks.
  5. You can examine every stone on a facade in 3D - see every crack in minute detail and accurately measure sizes.
  6. You can get photographs and video of the underside of tall structures. Unlike most other drones, our M210 model has a top-mounted camera to survey the underside of bridges and other structures.
  7. Having a 3D aerial view of your site lets you monitor progress and highlight potential problems before they occur.