Heritage Measured Building Survey of Castle

Laser Survey of Castle near Birmingham

Project Overview

This rectangular moated castle was built in 1345 and is a Grade I listed building and a Scheduled Ancient Monument.  Included in the original design were four octagonal towers, a gatehouse and a residential range.  The building was added to in the mid 1400s and it still remains in surprisingly good condition.  Today it also houses some unusual historic artefacts.

The castle opens to the public every summer to support local charities.  There has been a golf course since 1898 and deer can still be spotted within the grounds. 

Bury Associates was commissioned to carry out a survey of the structure for the purpose of general refurbishments.  In order to capture every detail, a combination of  laser scanners and drones was used and the resulting data enabled was delivered as 2D CAD drawings.

Project Deliverables

Drone imagery of castle grounds

Survey Methods Employed

  • Drone photogrammetry
  • Terrestrial photogrammetry
  • GPS survey control
  • Laser scanning
Drone imagery of castle roof