Laser Scanning & 3D Modelling for Industrial Plant and MEP Systems

Laser scanning industrial plant for 3D modelling in Revit

We laser scan your plant, equipment & MEP to create accurate 3D CAD & BIM models

Welcome to Bury Associates, where innovation meets precision. We provide comprehensive laser scanning and 3D modelling services tailored for industrial plants, MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) systems, machinery, and equipment.

Why Choose Us To Laser Scan and Model your Factory or Plantroom??

  1. Accuracy: Laser scanning captures every minute detail down to millimetres, documenting complex structures like ducts, pipes, and cable trays that aren't visible with traditional measurement method.
  2. Revit Modelling: All our 3D models are designed in Revit, providing you with as-built models that can be exported to IFC for BIM software and to 3D CAD for seamless project integration.
  3. Comprehensive Coverage: From hangers and support systems to above-ceiling scanning of MEP elements, we offer a 360-degree view of your project.
  4. Matterport Tours: Our models can be supplemented by one of our Matterport 3D virtual tours, allowing you to walk through your site, view your plant & equipment in full colour, create markups, and share information.

Laser Scanning To 3D model For Your Industrial Needs

  • Industrial Plant Scanning: Understand the layout of your plant with high-resolution 3D models.
  • MEP Systems Scanning: Map out mechanical, electrical, and plumbing networks, including ducts, pipes, cables, cable trays, and more.
  • Machinery & Equipment: Keep your machinery layouts up to date with 3D models that are easy to integrate and update.

3D Models Compatible With Your Software

  • Export to IFC for BIM software compatibility.
  • Files in all major 3D CAD formats.
  • Customisation based on project needs.

Our expertise in laser scanning and 3D modelling gives you the accurate data you need to run your operations efficiently.