Measured Surveys in London

Topographical Survey

3D Laser scanning at Lord's Cricket Ground. Over recent years we have produced a topographical survey of the entire ground, traced underground services, carried out CCTV drainage surveys and created 3D Revit models of most of the stands.

Accurate Measured Surveying Services Across London

At Bury Associates, we provide the high-quality and reliable survey information you need to get your renovation project off the ground. Utilising the latest measured survey equipment, such as laser scanners, we specialise in producing high-detailed CAD drawings and 3D BIM models from a point cloud survey for you to base your designs upon.

Our services extend beyond traditional surveying, offering comprehensive support for your renovation projects in London. We excel in transforming point cloud data into precise CAD drawings and detailed 3D BIM models, providing a solid foundation for your design and planning stages.

Topographical Surveys

Underground Services Tracing

Our Measured Survey Services

CAD floor plans, elevations and sections or 3D Revit/BIM models

Your 3D to show every feature and ground level.

Detailed drawings showing floor plans, elevations and sections of your building.

We laser scan your building and provide you with an accurate design-ready Revit or IFC model.

All of the pipes, cables and drainage running under and adjacent to your site accurately traced and mapped out using electo-detection and Ground Penetrating Radar.

Why Choose Bury Associates for Your London Measured Building Survey?

  1. Experienced Surveyors - in business since 1997, providing consistent reliability.
  2. High-quality CAD Drawings showing floor plans, elevations and sections.
  3. 3D Revit or IFC models - all created by our in-house team.
  4. Expert Advice: Over 15 years in Revit and BIM, offering unparalleled advice.
  5. Advanced 3D Laser Scanning Technology: We utilise the latest measuring technology and survey software to ensure speed and quality.
  6. Full Professional Insurance
  7. Full UK coverage.

More than 15 Years Experience of Providing 3D Measured Surveys in Revit

With over 15 years of experience in delivering high-quality 3D surveys using Autodesk Revit, Bury Associates stands at the forefront of measured building surveying in London. Our proficiency in Revit ensures that clients receive precise, detailed, and data-rich 3D models, ideal for various applications including architectural design, structural engineering, and facility management. Our London-based team, equipped with the latest technology, is adept at capturing complex structures and spaces, transforming them into accurate BIM models.

Our commitment goes beyond mere data collection; we focus on delivering models that are seamlessly integrated into your workflow, enhancing design and planning processes. Each project is approached with a unique blend of technical expertise and creative problem-solving, ensuring that our surveys meet the specific needs of our clients, no matter the scale or complexity of the project. Trust Bury Associates to be your reliable partner for cutting-edge 3D surveying solutions.

bromley civic centre revit model

This 3D Revit model of Bromley Civic Centre was laser scanned and modelled in high detail by Bury Associates' skilled in-house team. As well as the building survey works, a topographical survey of the entire estate was also carried out.

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