Matterport Tours for Industrial Plant and Equipment

Matterport Tours for Industrial Plant & Equipment

We create Matterport 3D Virtual Tours of your industrial plant, machinery, MEP systems and equipment

At Bury Associates, we understand the importance of cutting-edge technology in streamlining operations and enhancing efficiency in the industrial sector. Our Matterport tours are revolutionizing the way industrial facilities are managed, maintained, and optimised.

What is a Matterport Tour?

A Matterport tour is not just a virtual tour; it's your facility's digital twin. It's a comprehensive, interactive 3D model that provides a true-to-life representation of your industrial facility. This digital twin serves as a powerful tool for understanding, managing, and maximizing the potential of your operations.

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Mark-Ups and Measurements

Our Matterport tours offer an array of features tailored to industrial applications. With the ability to create mark-ups and take measurements, these tours become invaluable tools for project managers, maintenance contractors and engineers. Whether it's planning modifications, expansions, or simply monitoring changes over time, our tours provide the precision needed.

Facilities Management

Efficient facilities management is the backbone of any industrial operation. Our Matterport tours seamlessly integrate into your facilities management system. This allows for real-time monitoring, ensuring that your infrastructure is always operating at its peak.

Collaboration with Maintenance Contractors

Collaboration is key in the industrial sector. Our tours make it easy to share critical information with maintenance contractors. Whether it's highlighting areas needing attention, sharing maintenance manuals, or demonstrating machinery operation, the tours foster effective collaboration.

Attachments and Documentation

A truly comprehensive solution, our Matterport tours enable you to attach documents and media directly to the model. From equipment manuals to instructional videos, all relevant information is at your fingertips, reducing downtime and improving efficiency.

Exploration of Plant Rooms, Machinery Layouts, and Factory Floors

Navigate through plant rooms, explore machinery layouts, and walk the factory floors from anywhere, at any time. Our tours break down geographical barriers, allowing you to inspect, plan, and strategize without being physically present.

Accurate Laser Scanning and 3D Modelling of Plant, Equipment and MEP

Do you also need an accurate 3D model of your plant and equipment? As well as a Matterport Tour, we can accurately laser scan your site and provide you with a comprehensive 3D model in CAD or Revit / BIM format. Click Here to find out more.

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