Scan to BIM Surveys

When you're working in a BIM environment using Revit, Archicad or Vectorworks if you don't start with a detailed and accurate model your new designs can't be built. Bury Associates have been providing the UK's leading architects and engineers with Scan to BIM surveys in Revit and IFC format since 2007. Our as-built Scan2BIM surveys help ensure your projects are always a success.

We are at the forefront of innovative measurement solutions, serving as an integral part of the Building Information Modelling (BIM) workflow, especially in the architectural and construction sector. By leveraging our deep understanding of 3D laser scanning and point cloud data, we've designed an approach that quickly and accurately translates survey data into a BIM-compliant Revit model that will work seamlessly with your BIM procedures. 

The advantages of our Scan to BIM service

  • Much more information than on 2D drawings
  • Minimising mistakes
  • Accurate data based on a rigid survey control
  • BIM Underground Services - Revit model integration with topographic and subterranean utility data
  • We have been providing BIM surveys since 2007

Our team-oriented methodology, paired with our expertise in 3D laser scanning, gives to the reassurance that you’re working with a BIM survey you can always rely on. Bury Associates leverages years of experience working with 3D Laser Scanning technology, allowing us to stand out as an industry frontrunner. Our established workflows and technological innovation capacitate us to produce and integrate various BIM deliverables, including Revit and IFC.

We delivered our first BIM survey in 2007 and we have been providing BIM-ready surveys to the construction and design industry ever since. Our BIM-ready models provide a wealth of information, laying the groundwork for the successful realisation of any project

Our team's combined approach, grounded in a solid grasp of information management and BIM Level 2 criteria, guarantees our ability to provide unwavering support to our clients. Our experts can assist design and construction teams in seamlessly incorporating BIM surveys into their workflow. We offer unbiased advice and consultancy, outlining the most suitable and budget-friendly Scan to BIM solution for your specific project.

Point Cloud Data

In addition to supplying survey data to all relevant stakeholders in a 3D, BIM-friendly format, we also provide viewers for the captured laser scan data, offering mark-up facilities and dimensional analysis.

With a track record exceeding 25 years, Bury Associates is renowned for delivering end-to-end measurement and consultancy services to clients across the AEC industry.