Bury Associates: Precision Setting Out Services in The Midlands

Leveraging our expertise, we provide detailed setting out for boundaries, edifices, complex structures, and steelwork across The Midlands. From site control networks to grid lines, our services are tailored to provide a comprehensive solution to all your project requirements.

Setting Out

Precision Setting Out Services in The Midlands

At Bury Associates, we harness our vast experience to set out boundaries, buildings, structures, and steelwork across The Midlands. Utilising state-of-the-art technology like GNSS and total stations, we ensure to provide consistently accurate and precise results.

Frequently Asked Questions about Setting Out Services

What is the necessary information for setting out our project?

We need the coordinates of all the points for setting out. These can be a CAD drawing or a list of coordinates. Additionally, we require some known points on-site from which to set out. These typically are survey stations from the initial survey conducted prior to your design work.

Is it possible to set out our project without existing survey control stations on our site?

Absolutely, we can still manage your project. However, a pre-visit may be necessary to survey the features and establish control points before setting out your project.

Can you set out site gridlines for us?

Definitely. Simply provide us with a CAD drawing with them all included, and we will set them out on-site for you.

What types of markers do you use to mark the setting out points?

The choice of markers largely depends on ground conditions and the precision required. For soft ground, we typically use coloured flags or wooden pegs for low-precision points and wooden pegs with a nail at the top for high-precision points. Hard surfaces can be marked with nails, plates fixed to the surface, or lines drawn over marker-paint. We can adapt to site-specific solutions as necessary.

Can you set out gridlines and layouts for an internal fit-out?

Certainly. Emphasising attention to detail and precision, we deliver layouts and gridlines for internal fit-outs. Every project we undertake is completed to the highest standard.

How do you price for setting out projects in The Midlands?

Our services are provided for a fixed fee, maintaining a clear and uncomplicated pricing structure. This straightforward approach provides our clients with peace of mind, ensuring no unexpected costs.

What surveying technology would you use to set out our project?

We employ leading-edge technology such as GNSS (GPS) and robotic total stations for our setting out services. These tools enhance our ability to perform our tasks with greater accuracy and efficiency, ensuring reliable results consistently.

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