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You need your project to be comprehensive but completed as easily as possible.  You also want to avoid the risk of mistakes so you need your survey to be accurate and detailed. We will provide you with all the information, models and drawings you need to make sure your project is successful.  Every detail of your site is surveyed in 3D to ensure you have everything you need. Click here to request a quotation or call us now on 01905 622495 to speak to us about your project.

“The project required extremely quick data collection on site, both for the condition and metric surveys. The site was dangerous and the data collection technique of using drones and ContextCapture proposed by Bury Associates was deemed safer and quicker than using traditional methods. It produced accurate 3D models that allowed some of the condition appraisal to be carried out safely off site and provided accurate metric data for the cost study. The site was physically challenging. The Bury Associates team showed exemplary attention to detail and colleague care to ensure that safe working procedures were applied, and quickly processed the 3D model that has proved so useful”

Feedback from Jubb Clews on completion of their Drone Survey in Somerset. 

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