Epic Pen Markup Tool


Epic Pen - the handy tool Bury Associates recommend for mark-ups

We all need to make mark-ups on those images, drawings, 3D models and documents we constantly have open on our computer screens. Sometimes it would be really helpful to be able to make temporary mark-ups as we work - although that can be a bit of a pain when everything is open in a different program. But there is a great solution available!


Epic Pen - overview of a great tool for all your mark-ups

For a few years now I’ve been using a great bit of software called Epic Pen that lets you easily mark up absolutely anything on your screen. You can sketch, add highlights, markers or text over whatever you’re viewing, then either save it all as an image or if you’ve finished with them, just delete your notes and then carry on working.

Pin Epic Pen to your computer taskbar so it’s ready to use whenever you need it next. I find it incredibly useful and use it almost daily. This isn’t a product we have anything to do with -  it’s just something that’s worth looking at as you might find it really helpful too.