Underground Services Tracing

Not knowing where all the pipes and cables run under your site can be dangerous and costly. Our tracing team use radio detection equipment and ground penetrating radar to scan your site for underground services. Our accurate surveys show all your services at their true position and depth so you dig with confidence.

  • Underground pipes, cables, ducts and drainage
  • Gas, Water, Electric, Heating Systems
  • Fibre Optics
  • Telecoms
  • Foul Water Sewers
  • Surface Water Drainage

Topographical survey in CAD showing underground services

Electronic Detection

Radio detection equipment is a reliable and cost-effective method for tracing underground services. It works by detecting electromagnetic signals emitted by metallic objects buried underground. This equipment can accurately locate underground utilities such as pipes and cables. It is widely used in construction and excavation projects to avoid damaging underground services and infrastructure and ensure safety for workers and the public. By using radio detection equipment, we can create precise maps of underground features, and plan construction and maintenance activities with confidence.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR)

Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is a non-invasive technique used to trace underground services and drainage. GPR works by emitting high-frequency radio waves into the ground and measuring the reflected waves. The reflected waves can indicate the presence of underground utilities and drainage systems. GPR is a safe and accurate method that minimizes the risk of damage to underground services and infrastructure. It is widely used in construction and engineering projects to ensure safety and avoid costly disruptions. By using GPR, we can map underground features with precision and create detailed plans that guide construction and maintenance activities

Drainage Surveys

Surveys to trace drainage systems using sondes and ground penetrating radar (GPR) are non-invasive techniques used to map the location and depth of underground drainage systems. Sondes are small electronic devices that are inserted into the drainage system and emit a signal that can be traced above ground. GPR works by emitting high-frequency radio waves into the ground and measuring the reflected waves, which can indicate the presence of underground utilities and drainage systems. By using sondes and GPR, we can create accurate maps of drainage systems.

Tracing underground utilities with Radio Detection equipment

CCTV Surveys

CCTV drainage surveys are a non-invasive method used to inspect the condition of underground drainage systems. The surveys involve inserting a small camera into the drainage system to capture high-quality images of the interior. The footage is then examined to identify any defects or blockages that may be affecting the system's performance. CCTV drainage surveys are cost-effective and minimize disruption to the surrounding environment.

2D or 3D Deliverable

Your underground services survey can be delivered in any of the following formats:

Former Battery Park UGS render (3)

Underground services shown in a 3D Revit model

Statutory Utilities Search

The presence of any major services on a site and their approximate position can be confirmed by carrying out a desktop utilities search. We always recommend this is done before we start tracing on site.


What our customers say

Adam Jones
From initial enquiry to project delivery, the team have been beyond helpful. Great communication and delivered what they promised they would. We will be recommending them and using them again should we need any further works carried out. Thank you!
Luis Trevino
I've been commissioning Bury Associates survey drawings for over 10 years, that says plenty! I fully recommend them!
Corporate Architecture
We've recently used Bury (not my first experience of the company) for a laser survey and Revit model output; first rate communication, responses and modelling, all within my alloted timescales. Perctect service, massive thanks to Steve and his team. We'll be back...
Alex Milton
Extremely quick to get out to do the survey for us and very responsive via email
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I have worked with Bury Associates on a number of projects. They have always been a pleasure to deal with, are always helpful and are prompt in turning around information.
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Bury Associates have been a pleasure to deal with. Excellent communication which has always been prompt and helpful. Recommended.
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We work with Bury for the first time and are extremely happy with the level of information they provided and very impressed with their attitude. They are super kind, responsive and professional! It's been a pleasure to work with them and we would definitely be commissioning them again in future.
Richard Savory
We've had brilliant service from Bury Associates - very prompt and professional. All RFIs are dealt with immediately. Fantastic.
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This was the first time I have worked with Bury Associates and I was extremely impressed with the service and quality of the information they produced. I would happily recommend them them and will be using their services again.
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So helpful with my research