Health & Safety

Health and Safety Statement

Health and Safety takes precedence over all other matters for Bury Associates Limited. Our priority is always to ensure the health and safety of our staff as they carry out their duties and of any other person who may come into contact with them or are affected by their actions. Bury Associates Limited have an exemplary health and safety record which is maintained by working closely with our clients to ensure no-one is exposed to any risk on any of the sites we visit on a daily basis.

PLEASE NOTE: Bury Associates Limited MUST be informed of any Health and Safety issues relating to sites they have been requested to carry out survey work at PRIOR to them attending site. These issues can include (but are not limited to) any site specific risks, site rules regarding PPE or working restrictions, or any site induction requirements. Bury Associates Limited reserve the right to charge the client for any additional costs incurred in dealing with any health and safety issues they were not made aware of when the survey work was quoted for.

  • Our surveyors will always prioritise Health and Safety over all other matters.
  • They will not carry out any tasks that they consider may cause a risk to themselves or to others, even if asked to by management or a client.
  • They will not access roofs or confined spaces unless a safe system of work has been established.

Safe Systems of Work

Bury Associates Limited operate and adhere to Safe System of Work procedures. These procedures describe tasks carried out by surveyors and other staff members; they identify the main hazards and set out the necessary control measures to ensure safe working practices.

The procedures in place cover:

  • COVID-19 - minimising the risk of catching or spreading the virus while working on site or in an office environment
  • Occupational Road Risks – travelling to and from site
  • Working at Height – working on roofs and in other areas where a fall could cause injury
  • Ladders and Stepladders – use of ladders to access working areas and to carry out survey work
  • Confined Spaces – manhole chambers and other enclosed spaces
  • Surveying Procedures – carrying out survey work at third party premises
  • Working Safely in the Offices – carrying out work at Bury Associates’ offices
  • Storage, Handling & Use of Chemicals
  • Manual Handling – lifting of manhole covers, survey equipment etc.
  • Lone Working – surveyors working alone on site and in the office

Full details of all these procedures are laid out in the Bury Associates Limited Safe Systems of Work Manual.