How much does a Measured Building Survey?

Measured survey cost

Clear Pricing for Measured Building Surveys

At Bury Associates, we're committed to ensuring clarity, especially when it pertains to the pricing of our measured building survey services. To begin mapping out your project, you need to comprehend the factors that influence the pricing of a measured building survey.

The cost of our services is calculated by considering several components. These include our operating expenses such as the remuneration of our skilled survey team, the rent for our professional office space, procurement of state-of-the-art equipment for precision, investment in advanced software for improved workflow, and insurance coverage for the security of our team and your project. 

Also, a critical part of the cost goes towards our profit, which permits us to reinvest in premium resources, uphold our exceptional service standards, and maintain our promise of providing accurate and reliable survey solutions.

Understanding the Cost of a Measured Building Survey

Each project we undertake comes with unique requirements, so every quotation is customised to the project specifics. Here are the five main factors determining the cost of a measured building survey:

  1. Location - This considers our travel and accommodation expenses if the assignment takes more than a day on-site.
  2. Scope of site work - More complex projects will necessitate more time and possibly additional surveyors.
  3. Time required for data processing - The time needed in-office to process and model the gathered data to provide the final outputs.
  4. Operating expenses - The overhead costs such as salaries, rent, equipment, software, and insurance.
  5. Profit margin - This integral part allows us to continue delivering high-quality services and resources.

What is the Typical Cost for a Measured Building Survey in 2023?

On average, a measured building survey costs about £500 plus VAT for each day needed to complete the job. For instance, a measured building survey of a modest commercial property or a decent-sized house may take one day on-site then 3 more days for data processing and drawing or modelling, bringing the estimated cost around £2,000. Prices for a very simple building can start ar around £1000 but surveying and modelling or drawing a large complicated buildings can cost tens of thousands of pounds. 

Whether a measured building survey is delivered as 2D CAD drawings or as a 3D model in a format such as Revit ir IFC can also make a difference to the price. Generally, prices for 2D or 3D are very similar for buildings that are of a standard construction. Older buildings with complicated facades or ornate features internally tend to cost more when being delivered in 3D than in 2D.

However, these prices can vary widely based on the location and complexity of the project. To get an accurate quotation specific to your project, please reach out to us.

Understanding the Value Behind the Price

Surveying requires considerable investments in cutting-edge software and equipment like laser scanners and GPS systems with survey-grade accuracy. We utilise sophisticated software for survey data processing, point cloud registration, and converting images into high-resolution 3D models, which necessitate high-performance computing systems.

Our modelling team uses Revit licences, costing nearly £3,000 each per year. Our laser scanners and GPS systems, essential for high-precision surveys, cost more than £35,000 and £20,000, respectively.

These investments in top-tier equipment, software, and our team members enable us to deliver superior quality surveys. While quality comes with a cost, our repeat customers affirm that the results are well worth the investment.