The Complete Guide to Topographic Surveys

how much is a topographical survey


Navigating the intricacies of land development or property management? A topographic survey is a vital starting point. At Bury Associates, we employ cutting-edge technologies, including Trimble S6 Total Stations, Trimble X7 Laser Scanners, and Trimble R12i GNSS units, to offer you the most accurate and reliable topographic surveys.

What Are Topographic Surveys?

Also known as topo surveys, terrain, or land surveys, topographic surveys map out the various features and contours of a site. They're essential for any detailed design work, making them a cornerstone of property development and management.

Applications of Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys serve multiple functions. Professionals like architects, civil engineers, and planners utilise them for informed decision-making in design and project management. Moreover, these surveys act as legal documents that delineate property boundaries.

Elements Covered in a Topographic Survey

  1. Area Boundary Lines: The perimeter of the land being surveyed.
  2. Buildings & Structures: Any existing infrastructure.
  3. Adjacent Features: Surrounding landmarks or properties.
  4. Vegetation: Positions of trees, bushes, and other flora.
  5. Topological Features: Ground heights, service covers, street furniture contours, and surfaces.

Technology Employed

Our team uses a range of state-of-the-art equipment like Trimble X7 Laser Scanners, Trimble S6 Total Stations, and Trimble R12i GNSS receivers. This technology enables us to capture measurements on any site. For less accessible or larger sites, we also employ UAV drone technology.

Benefits of a Topographic Survey

These surveys streamline the planning process and minimise risk, thereby saving you both time and money. Every stage of your project can be better managed when backed by the accurate data that a topographic survey provides.

How Long Does It Take To Produce A Topographic Survey

The time needed for a topographic survey depends on the project's complexity and the land's size. Once the site has been surveyed, expect to receive the results in a few days, either as a simple 2D plan or a more detailed 3D AutoCAD drawing, based on your requirements.


To sum it up, topographic surveys are a cornerstone in the fields of construction, development, and property management. Reach out to Bury Associates to find out how a topographic survey can benefit your next project.