The Expert Scan and Model Service in Worcester

Architects in Worcester and beyond frequently rely on the precise 'scan and model' services offered by Bury Associates. Utilising laser scanning and Revit modelling, we provide accurate and detailed models for a wide range of architectural projects.

Revit model of New Scala Theatre Worcester

Streamlining Architectural Workflows with Scan and Model

Our 'scan and model' approach revolutionises architectural workflows in Worcester. This comprehensive service takes clients from the initial site laser scanning to the finalisation of a robust Revit model. By capturing the environment in minute detail, we're able to convert the scanned data into comprehensive Revit models. Architects in Worcester and beyond greatly benefit from this streamlined process, minimising potential for unforeseen complications and costly alterations.

Case Study - Worcester's Scala Theatre

One of our significant contributions to Worcester's regeneration was the 'scan and model' project of the historic Scala Theatre. Our laser scanning and Revit modelling expertise were critical in the plan to transform the Scala Theatre into a contemporary performance space. The new theatre space will integrate modern features, whilst retaining the unique character of this historic landmark.

Find out more about how we managed the transformation of the Scala Theatre through our 'scan and model' approach in our detailed case study.

With a focus on innovation and precision, Bury Associates are dedicated to supporting architectural projects in Worcester. The combination of our cutting-edge laser scanning technology with comprehensive Revit modelling offers architects the resources to build with assurance. When it comes to 'scan and model' in Worcester, Bury Associates is a trusted partner.