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CAD Measured Building Surveys

Laser scanned for accuracy

When working with existing building your new designs will only succeed if they’re based on accurate information. Our surveyors will visit your building, laser scan it and capture everything in 3D. We’ll then provide you with accurate CAD survey drawings you can fully rely on.

How does the process work?

  • Contact us now and receive a fixed price quotation
  • Email us to accept our proposal as soon as possible to avoid any delays
  • We’ll arrange dates with you to carry out and deliver your survey
  • Your survey will be processed and drawn up by our skilled in-house team
  • We’ll send you your CAD survey drawings and give you access to our online WebshareCloud viewer

What drawings can I have?

  • Floor plans showing walls, doors, windows, stairs, ceiling detail, sanitary fittings, services, levels & heights.
  • External elevations showing every detail of each facade.
  • Sections showing the relationship between each floor
  • Internal elevations showing openings, architraves, built-in fixtures, sockets, switches & light fittings.

Can I see the quality of your drawings?

Using Revit and working in 3D?

When you’re designing in Revit it’s crucial to have a model of the existing building created by an experienced team. We have been providing architects with 3D measured building surveys in Revit format since 2007.

Visit our Revit Measured Building Surveys page to find out more and get a quotation.

Measured building survey 2D drawing
A sample Measured Building Survey 2D drawing

What is your WebshareCloud service?

Our WebshareCloud service allows you to view and take measurements from the laser scans we’ve captured for your Measured Building Survey project. You can also measure areas, create mark-ups and otho-images showing plans, elevations and sections.

We’ve completed hundreds of surveys for some of the UK’s leading architects over the last 22 years, including:

  • Blackpool Winter Gardens
  • Stands & major buildings at Lord’s Cricket Ground
  • The London Eye
  • Churches
  • Residential houses
  • Retail parks
  • Heritage buildings
  • Industrial estates
  • Entertainment venues
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Manchester Central Library
  • Former Edinburgh Royal Infirmary
Laser scanning of roof structure
Laser scanning the roof structure for a Measured Building Survey

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