Laser Scan Survey of Cyfarthfa Castle

Laser Scanning the Ice House at Cyfarthfa Castle: Ensuring Structural Safety

laser scanning Cyfarthfa Castle

In June 2016, we were commissioned to perform a crucial laser scanning project at the ice house located at Cyfarthfa Castle near Merthyr Tydfil. Our survey team was tasked by Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council to help their engineers assess the structural safety of the ice house's roof dome. However, we faced a significant challenge during the scanning process.

As we began the project, we encountered a hurdle. While it was relatively easy to navigate the external areas and entrance tunnel, the inside shaft presented a problem. The shaft had a 5m drop where it met the tunnel, making it impossible to safely position the scanner at the bottom to scan the interior of the domed chamber.

The Ice House laser scanning

To overcome this obstacle, we relied on our ingenuity and resourcefulness. With the help of an extending tripod, plasterer's props, a length of rope, and an abundance of cable ties, we devised a solution. We ingeniously suspended our state-of-the-art £40,000 laser scanner over the shaft, allowing us to capture every intricate detail of the chamber securely.

By employing our expertise and utilizing innovative techniques, we successfully completed the laser scan of the ice house at Cyfarthfa Castle. Our meticulous scanning process enabled us to generate accurate drawings that facilitated the engineers' assessments of the structure's strength.

Laser scanning the Cyfarthfa Castle Ice House

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