Laser Scanning for Heritage

Cyfarthfa Castle near Merthyr Tydfil

laser scanning Cyfarthfa Castle
The ice house tunnel entrance being scanned.

Scanning the ice house entrance

Originally Posted on Sep 06, 2016 by Steve


When it comes to working on delicate heritage projects, having a comprehensive understanding of your structure is paramount. That's where our laser scanning for heritage service comes in. By providing you with a detailed 3D capture, we ensure that you have an accurate foundation from which we create comprehensive CAD drawings and 3D models. With our expertise, your heritage project will progress seamlessly.

One of our notable projects took place in June 2016 when we were approached to laser scan the historic ice house at Cyfarthfa Castle near Merthyr Tydfil. This assignment proved to be a unique challenge.

Cyfarthfa Castle

Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council enlisted our help in assessing the structural safety of the roof dome within the meticulously restored ice house. To fulfill their requirements, we embarked on a full laser scanning operation of the structure, producing detailed drawings for their calculations. While the external areas and entrance tunnel presented no obstacles, we encountered a significant hurdle inside the shaft.

Within the shaft, where the tunnel met, there was a daunting 5-meter drop. This posed a safety hazard, making it impossible to place the scanner at the bottom to capture the interior of the domed chamber. However, we didn't let this setback deter us. Employing our ingenuity, we devised a solution using an extending tripod, plasterer's props, a length of rope, and an abundance of cable ties. By suspending our state-of-the-art £40,000 laser scanner above the shaft, we successfully captured every intricate detail, ensuring a thorough assessment.

Choose our laser scanning for heritage service and benefit from our commitment to overcoming challenges, providing accurate data, and delivering exceptional results for your heritage projects.

The Ice House laser scanning
Improvising for a safe set-up.

Using a bit of innovation to scan the ice house chamber

Laser scanner suspended over the ice house chamber